2017 Purple Out T-shirt Design Contest!!

What is Purple Out and What it means to me:

Over the past year I have organized what we call Purple Out. Purple out is a fundraiser to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Associates which goes to patients and caregivers. During my freshman year I had the idea to start a fundraising campaign for Alzheimer’s because I too have been touched by Alzheimer’s and sadly over Christmas break my great-grandmother passed away from this evil disease. I finally decided it was time to take action. During one of our high school football games this past year, 2016, I worked with the Alzheimer’s Association to create our very first purple out football game. Students wore purple to show support and cheerleaders, football players, dance line, band, and staff also wore purple items to represent Alzheimer’s. I am also proud to say that I raised over $1,000 for Alzheimer’s, just by that football game alone. Currently I am now working on a bigger and better purple out this year. Which includes, a purple out t-shirt contest, a 50-50 raffle, purple items, and many more activities. 


The T-shirt Contest:

The Lee County purple out t-shirt design contest corresponds with the annual Purple Out Football Game. On September 1st 2017, Lee County players, students, faculty and staff, and people who will attend the Lee County Trojan’s home game are encouraged to wear to purple to bring awareness towards Alzheimer’s. Football players, cheerleaders, coaches, etc. will be wearing purple to support this cause. The point of the t-shirt contest is to get the students involved in the purple out game for next year. We want students to have a voice and design their own shirt, but also get involved in the community. After designs are submitted a panel of anonymous judges will choose which design represents the best. These shirts will be sold at the beginning of the school year of 2017-2018 when students can purchase them. The shirts are to be worn during the game and students and faculty and staff encouraged to buy because proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association. We encourage students to make designs and get their creativity flowing.

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Do you want your design featured and worn by everyone?

If you are a student at the 9th grade or upper campus then you are eligible for your very own design to be featured on all t-shirts sold. But of course there are requirements that must be met in order to submit and design your shirt. Click here for more information regarding Purple Out T-shirt Contest Rules: Purple Out

I know you must be asking what kind of reward(s) you will get?

  • The winner will receive the opportunity to walk on the field with all the other representatives of the purple out committee. (During the September 1st Home Game)
  • Your name will be displayed on the t-shirt and you will be featured in the Lee County Ledger.
  • You will also receive a gift card valued at $30
  • You will receive two (2) free t-shirts.

If you are creative and wantt to take on a task that can make a change in the world and your community, Submit your design and watch the magic unfold!!

Feed The Review: Beauty and the Beast

Written by Kayla Earley and Hannah Elliott

Recently, Disney filmed a live action remake of their 1991 hit movie, Beauty and the Beast. We went to go see it, and this is what we thought.

Kayla- The live action of Beauty and the Beast version is just as amazing as the original. I have always loved Disney movies and this one just made me love them more. It has become one of my favorite movies after watching it only once. Everything about it was absolutely perfect. Most of the scenes were identical to the original and the cast fit just as well. Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Kevin Klad, and all of the other actors and actresses did an amazing job recreating their characters. This was yet another movie that brought tears to my eyes. There were so many joyful moments, but also a few sad ones. I loved how they filled in the few plot holes by adding the fact the whole town was cursed. After seeing the movie, I saw a conspiracy theory explaining why the town never knew about the castle. I won’t go into detail so that I don’t spoil anything, but it is a pretty nice theory. Overall, this movie was perfect and I can’t wait to see what Disney has in store next.

Hannah-  Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite Disney movie as a child, so this movie was a big deal for me. There was always something empowering about a movie where the Princess (to be) saves the Prince instead of the stereotypical other way around. Everything about the live action was perfect. Emma Watson was the ideal Belle, as she has already had plenty of practice being the down to earth, dorky heroine. The imagery in the movie was so beautiful, with the village and the castle that looked almost exactly like they did in the movie. The soundtrack was updated, and it was amazing as well. Throughout the movie, I laughed, shed a few tears, and got a little angry (mostly at Gaston). My favorite part of the movie was the ballroom scene, aka my dream ever since I was younger. I was honestly a little jealous of how perfect that dress looked while they were dancing. Basically, Emma Watson has lived my dream (Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast). Overall, this movie was a dream came true, and I would recommend this movie to all of my friends.


(Just look at how beautiful… ^)

Tennis 3/23

Last Thursday Lee County’s tennis team payed against Northside. Our girls won most of the matches this past week. For our singles, Lauren McClure won 6-3 and 6-1, Carlee Daniel won 6-1 and 6-0 , and Emily McClure won 6-1 and another 6-1 match. For our doubles on the girls team, ZiZi Ohame and Heena Patel won 6-1 on both of their matches. Jon Snyds won 7-5 and 6-5 for the boys. Nick Barlow also won 6-0 and 6-1 for his matches.

Spring Snacks

Written by Rhiannon Belcher

Well, we all know that Spring is finally here! This also means spring break and sun! But I must ask, have you ever really thought about things to eat during spring? Well quit wondering, because now I am going to answer that very very hard question! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this electronic device killing your brains cells. Continue reading Spring Snacks

10 Best Things About March

Written by Kayla Earley

  1. The spring equinox meant the first day of spring has arrived. It also means on the day of the spring equinox, you could make an egg sit upright. It’s all because of science. The earth is tilted just so in a way to make the world balanced.
  2. The weather during March can often be crazy, going from eighty degrees to freezing within the span of a week, but there are some days where you can go outside and play with chalk or ride a bike.
  3. Theatre Day is on March 27.
  4. Spring colors are appearing everywhere. Those pastel pinks, blues, and yellows are coming back in style. Flower print and bright tones are the perfect type of outfits to wear even through the rainy days.
  5. No matter where you go there is a pretty good chance you will see flowers blooming nearby. Nothing says March like growing flowers.
  6. The thing March is most famous for is St. Patrick’s Day. Better wear green or you might just get pinched. You could just put a little clover behind your ear.
  7. Little animals are being born. Cows, wolves, and horses often produce offspring during this time of year.
  8. The live version of Beauty and the Beast came out on March 17. The classic love story full of life lessons makes a grab for the hearts of all ages.
  9. On just about every child’s calendar the picture for March is a kite. The nice breeze that often passes through is perfect for kite flying.
  10. A classic dessert also gets celebrated this month all because of the number pi. Pi Day is on March 14.

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Amazon’s Weirdest Products.

By Madeline Conger

Everyone knows amazon sell a variety of products on its website. You can buy appliances, furniture, clothes, games, electronics, well basically anything. Not only does amazon sell great useful generic items but it also sells some, very interesting products as well. Let’s take a look at some of Amazon’s weirdest products available for
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Autism Awareness Fundraiser

Written By Christina Wynn

March is Autism Awareness month. There are many different fundraisers going on that help buy technology for adults and children with autism. For example, Mrs. Hyslop is selling bracelets for the Hollyrod Foundation. The Hollyrod Foundation is dedicated to providing compassionate care to those living with autism and their families. For the past five years, Stella & Dot have donated over $390,000. The 390,000 dollars has funded 13 RJ’s places to provide technology for children with autism. Continue reading Autism Awareness Fundraiser

The 2017 Atlanta Braves Roster!

Written by Rhiannon Belcher

The 2017 Atlanta braves baseball season is just around the corner. With new players and a new manager, it seems as if we may have a winning team this season.

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