Top 10 Cutest Ways To Be Asked To Homecoming

Written by Hannah Elliott

Itโ€™s now October, which means homecoming is coming up. Now is the perfect time to ask your crush out in a really unique way, or maybe just your best friend. Either way, if you need some inspiration, read down below to find the perfect way for you. (Please note: there is not a 100% guarantee that these will work)

#1: A cute stuffed bear makes for a good proposal…


#2: But maybe dogs are more their style.


#3: Use their favorite candy for a sweet surprise.


#4: Personalize your homecoming proposal by using their name.


#5: If they are a disney fan, throw in a reference. Add cookies for an even better result.


#6: Everyone wants to feel like royalty, so calling your date a prince/princess is a cute way to propose.


#7: If there is a certain animal they really like, you can make a cute pun with it.


#8: Most people have a show they really like to watch, so most people would say yes if you use their fandom in your proposal.


#9: If they are into music, take one of their favorite bands/ artists and put them on your poster.


#10: Pizza. Need I say more?



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