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The 8th Grade Deliverance Speech



enhanced-19894-1463052379-4McKinzie Mctyiere, Braden Bell, and myself went to the middle school campuses late in January along with Mrs.Mills (school counselor) and delivered speeches to the future ninth grader’s of Lee County and told them what to expect as a freshman and what to prepare for. Proffering the speech was eye-opening not only for the 8th graders but us as well. We did not realize how acute and potent freshman year truly was until we said it aloud.

That being said, the speeches given were well received by the eighth graders and was veritably interactive with the wisecracks and queries asked. I enjoyed performing the speech as did Kinzie and Braden, along with Mrs.Mills. I assume the kids of eighth grade were informed with the right knowledge and any questions they might have had, were resolved by one of us from the ninth grade campus and expectantly were able to determine their classes for 2017 and quite possibly prefer a career pathway.



Spoken Word Poems

Written by: Amber Greenhill

Wednesday, March 9th, the Ninth Grade Campus’s only speech class started a new project. The second period class started spoken word poetry. Spoken word poetry is a style of poetry that tells a story within the words and motions. This style has to be performed with gestures, voice projection, and body language. Spoken word poetry uses simple poetic devices and words or images can be repeated for effect. 

photo by: A. Greenhill                                                                                                      Hannah Hatcher expresses her poem by using  hand gestures.

Once understanding the concept of spoken word, the class began their research. Mrs. Green gave topics and the class would write spoken word poetry on that topic. The class found writing and expressing their inner thoughts of the topic simple, once they were told they had to perform in front of the class made this style a bit harder.

speech 2
photo by: A. Greenhill Vanessa Favela- Parra mimics the movements of a bird she is describing in her poem.

The students were anxious about performing, but had a fun experience. They were graded on : delivery, voice, listens to other presentations, development of topic, use of poetic devices, and mechanics.

Listed below are a few examples of the spoken word by students at the Ninth Grade Campus:

Spoken Word Poetry
Photo by: Haley Owens
Spoken Word Poetry
Photo by: Haley Owens
Spoken Word Poetry
Photo by: Haley Owens
Spoken Word Poetry
Photo by: Haley Owens

4-H Junior Conference

Written by Amber Greenhill

November 14th and 15th was Georgia’s 4-H Junior Conference at Rock Eagle 4-H center. This event is for 7th and 8th graders. With seven hundred and one juniors, not including the teen leaders or staff, were in attendance.  This weekend was filled with classes, recreation, community service,  assemblies, a dance, and many more activities.  Continue reading 4-H Junior Conference

Progress Reports

By: Madison Gadt

It is that time that most people dread… progress reports! Today, November 11th, students will receive their 2nd nine weeks progress reports. Keep in mind that these are not the finalized grades, they are still fluctuating. Many freshmen have done an excellent job at keeping their grades up. So now, the only thing left to do is to keep them up there. Good luck to everyone and their growing grades!

Game On!

Written by Grace Faucheux

Mrs. Hind’s Civics classes are taking learning to a new level. The students were assigned to come up with a song about the Bill of Rights. In that song, all students are encouraged to participate by either filming, dancing, or singing. The project is also a contest to see who can come up with the best music video. The winners of this contest will receive a pizza party for their class. The Lee County 9th Grade Campus knows how to make learning fun.