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2017 Purple Out T-shirt Design Contest!!

What is Purple Out and What it means to me:

Over the past year I have organized what we call Purple Out. Purple out is a fundraiser to raise awareness for the Alzheimer’s Associates which goes to patients and caregivers. During my freshman year I had the idea to start a fundraising campaign for Alzheimer’s because I too have been touched by Alzheimer’s and sadly over Christmas break my great-grandmother passed away from this evil disease. I finally decided it was time to take action. During one of our high school football games this past year, 2016, I worked with the Alzheimer’s Association to create our very first purple out football game. Students wore purple to show support and cheerleaders, football players, dance line, band, and staff also wore purple items to represent Alzheimer’s. I am also proud to say that I raised over $1,000 for Alzheimer’s, just by that football game alone. Currently I am now working on a bigger and better purple out this year. Which includes, a purple out t-shirt contest, a 50-50 raffle, purple items, and many more activities. 


The T-shirt Contest:

The Lee County purple out t-shirt design contest corresponds with the annual Purple Out Football Game. On September 1st 2017, Lee County players, students, faculty and staff, and people who will attend the Lee County Trojan’s home game are encouraged to wear to purple to bring awareness towards Alzheimer’s. Football players, cheerleaders, coaches, etc. will be wearing purple to support this cause. The point of the t-shirt contest is to get the students involved in the purple out game for next year. We want students to have a voice and design their own shirt, but also get involved in the community. After designs are submitted a panel of anonymous judges will choose which design represents the best. These shirts will be sold at the beginning of the school year of 2017-2018 when students can purchase them. The shirts are to be worn during the game and students and faculty and staff encouraged to buy because proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association. We encourage students to make designs and get their creativity flowing.

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Do you want your design featured and worn by everyone?

If you are a student at the 9th grade or upper campus then you are eligible for your very own design to be featured on all t-shirts sold. But of course there are requirements that must be met in order to submit and design your shirt. Click here for more information regarding Purple Out T-shirt Contest Rules: Purple Out

I know you must be asking what kind of reward(s) you will get?

  • The winner will receive the opportunity to walk on the field with all the other representatives of the purple out committee. (During the September 1st Home Game)
  • Your name will be displayed on the t-shirt and you will be featured in the Lee County Ledger.
  • You will also receive a gift card valued at $30
  • You will receive two (2) free t-shirts.

If you are creative and wantt to take on a task that can make a change in the world and your community, Submit your design and watch the magic unfold!!

Autism Awareness Fundraiser

Written By Christina Wynn

March is Autism Awareness month. There are many different fundraisers going on that help buy technology for adults and children with autism. For example, Mrs. Hyslop is selling bracelets for the Hollyrod Foundation. The Hollyrod Foundation is dedicated to providing compassionate care to those living with autism and their families. For the past five years, Stella & Dot have donated over $390,000. The 390,000 dollars has funded 13 RJ’s places to provide technology for children with autism. Continue reading Autism Awareness Fundraiser

Get Leesburg Moving Again

By Madeline Conger  

     Students at Lee County 9th Grade Campus have concluded that the city of Leesburg is in need of sidewalks. There are no sidewalks leading students or residents of the county from one school to another or to any of the small businesses and buildings.

     The SGA has multiple examples that further extend the need for sidewalks in Lee County. The first example is the need for student safety. If students wanted to walk from one school to another, they would have to walk along the side of the roads which could be dangerous and cause potential harm to students. Also included in the petition is the reduction of over crowded buses. Many parents do not allow their students to walk from one school to another due to the lack of sidewalks causing transfer buses to be overcrowded. The third reason that prompts the need for sidewalks in Leesburg is convience of the community. There are absolutely no sidewalks present in the central area of city of Leesburg, causing community members to walk along roads or in the grass. Also, without sidewalks, bike riders are forced to ride on roads, which can lead to tragic accidents. The last reason listed in the petition for sidewalks is to promote the physical wellness in the community. Sidewalks encourage people to walk thus leading to an improvement in physical wellness throughout the community.

     LCHS 9th grade SGA would greatly appreciate it if you would sign our online petition which can be found at .


Teacher of the Month

Written by Christina Wynn

Congratulations to Mrs. Lane for being teacher of the month! Mrs. Lane teaches math. She has been teaching since 2005. Mrs. Lane enjoys both math and science. She spent two years as a chemistry major. If she was not a teacher, then she would be a pharmacist. Mrs.Lane’s goals as a teacher are to make her students enjoy learning math and to gain a few life skills while learning. Continue reading Teacher of the Month

Romeo and Juliet Speech and Debate Mock Trial

On March 7,2017 – March 8, 2017 the Lee County High School 9th Grade Campus speech and debate class did 2 Mock trials based on Romeo and Juliet.  


Case one was Crown VS. Friar Laurence, Friar Laurence was being charged for manslaughter through the administration of illegal drugs.  In this case we had many people playing the roles for this Mock Trial.  

Here are your actors for case one:

Judge- Madison Sexton

Clerk-Gabe Baxley

Prosecution- Brittlyn Jackson

                    McKenzie McTyeire

Defense- Vicki Roberts

               McKenzie Wakem

Nurse- Lanie Hagler (Prosecution witness)  

Dr. Montoy- Zach Amato  (Prosecution witness)

Friar John- Braden Bell (Defense Witness)

Friar Laurence- Christian Graves (Defendant)

In case one it was difficult for the jury to decide a verdict.  When they finally decided they said that Friar Laurence was… NOT GUILTY!!!


Now this brings us to the second case, Crown vs. Nurse Capulet.  The charges brought against Nurse Capulet was child abuse against towards Juliet.  

Here are your actors for this case:

Judge- Braden Bell

Clerk- Sarah Hathcock

Prosecution- Hayleigh Clark

                    Keely Eubanks

Defense- Cassidy Warren

               Emily Meneses

Nurse Capulet- Madalyn Reed (Defendant)

Benvolio- Serena Eskew (defense witness)

Lady Capulet- Kirstan Mitchell (Prosecution witness)

Lord Capulet- ( Logan Moore)

This case was a very easy decision when it came to the jury’s verdict.  The jury said that Nurse Capulet was…. NOT GUILTY!!!

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½ of the photo credits go to Cassidy Warren. 

Plant Science class begins to grow farm

Written by Jackson Carlstrom

The plant science class at the 9th grade campus have recently began growing their own little farm of plants on the campus.

The class set up an area behind the music room where they have plants growing. The plant farm has all the students in the class participating and learning more about how to grow plants.




The plant science students started off their little farm by assembling and preparing the land to grow crops.

After the students prepared the farm area, they began planting and taking care of the seeds.


Overall, the farm is going good for the plant science class. Now that the seeds are planted, it is only a matter of time before they will grow.

February Student of the Month

At LCHS 9th grade campus, eight great students were recognized as students of the month. In the Top row, from left to right, the students recognized are Jacob Blankenship, Marly Smith, Walker Pinson, Blaine Pollock, and Madeline Conger. Students in the front row are Jayla Mike, Hillary Kwarteng, and Kristen Carter.


Jacob was recognized for student of the month by Mrs.Dexter.  Mrs. Dexter recognized Blaine’s efforts for bettering himself academically and personally:“Jacob is a well-mannered student who is very conscientious about his academics. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to his peers and teachers. Jacob approaches each day with optimism, and he demonstrates excellence in every aspect.”


Mrs.Tomlinson recognised Kristen Carter for Student of the month. Mrs. Tomlinson would like to recognize Kristen’s efforts for bettering herself academically and personally: “Kristen has had such a great transition into my room. Since being in my class, she  has blossomed! She is always prepared for class and is a hard worker.”


Madeline Conger was recognized by Mrs.Hyslop for Student of the month. Mrs. Hyslop would like to recognize Madeline for efforts of bettering herself academically and personally:“Madeline is always willing to go above and beyond what is asked of her in class. She approaches everything with a positive attitude and brings joy to those around her.”


Mrs. Scarmalis recognized Hillary Kwarteng as February’s Student of the month. Mrs. Scarmalis says that “Hillary is one of those silent yet deep thinkers.  She is one of my most reliable students, always willing to please.  Hillary sets very high standards for herself and strives to meet her goals.”


Jalaya Mike was recognized for student of the month for the month of February by Mrs. Edwards. Mrs. Edward wanted to recognize Jalaya because “Jalaya is a hard worker who is focused on all her school work and she never gives up.  Even though Biology may be a challenge for her sometimes, Jalaya never makes excuses! She completes ALL her work with a 110% effort and is a joy to have in class.”

Mrs. King recognized Walker Pinson for February’s student of the month. Mrs.King says “Walker is academically minded, has a positive attitude with everyone, brings great energy to class discussions and is always willing to participate in any activity. ”

Blaine Pollock was recognized for student of the month for February by Mrs. Perkins. Mrs. Perkins wanted to recognize Blaine because “Blaine enjoys learning whether it is in the classroom or out of school. Whenever we cover a concept that piques his interest, I know he will come in the next day with even more information and a greater understanding of this topic to share. Blaine gets along well with his peers and he shows a willingness to help them when they are in need. Also, Blaine is always ready, willing, and able to help me in class however he can.”

Marley Smith was recognized by Mrs. Rice for student of the month. Mrs. Rice says “Marley pushes herself in body-sculpting.  She gives 100% effort every day and does all the workouts without any complaining.  She has been extremely focused this semester on improving her health.”


Congrats to LCHS 9th grade campus Student of the month.